Lighting Electricians: Installations, Fixes & Upgrades

In today's age, where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and ambiance of your space.

With advancements in LED technology, homeowners now have the opportunity to transform their homes into modern sanctuaries of comfort and style.

At Project Rewire, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to upgrade your lighting to match the exact style that you’ve been dreaming of.

We understand that the right lighting can elevate a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

We also recognize that modern lighting systems ensure safety, provide better illumination, and can be a statement piece in your home decor. Whether it's a cozy reading nook, a grand dining area or your outdoor garden space, the right lighting can make all the difference.

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The LED Advantage

LED lights are the future of home lighting. Not only do they consume significantly less energy, but they also last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

With options ranging from warm white to daylight, LED lights offer versatility in mood setting. Plus, with enhanced control features, you can adjust the lighting to suit any occasion or mood.

Our Specialized Lighting Solutions

At Project Rewire, we don't just install lights; we transform spaces.

Whether it's the subtle elegance of soffit lights, the security of outdoor lighting, or the modern flair of kitchen LED lights, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our engineers, with their keen eye for design, can also provide valuable insights to ensure the end result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our lighting solutions include:

Soffit Lights

We can install outdoor lighting around the soffit of your house. These can conveniently be switched on via your phone or a normal switch. Dusk to dawn timers is also available so that your outdoor lighting comes on automatically.

Outside Lighting

We offer a range of outdoor lighting options, from movement sensitive security lights to elegant garden lights to elevate your outdoor space, we can do it all.

Kitchen LED Lights

Are you eager to elevate the look of your kitchen by adding modern lighting in particular places such as under units or above counters? We can install these amazing looking features quickly and effectively, giving you the kitchen, you’ve always dreamed of!

LED Lighting

LED bulbs are more energy efficient and last longer than standard bulbs, meaning you can save money on your energy bills. Our LED lights are also available in different colors such as warm white, cool white and daylight.

Our Installation Process

Our process begins with understanding your needs and vision.

Following a detailed consultation, our trained engineers, equipped with the latest tools and technology, ensure a seamless installation process.

Every light fixture is tested for functionality and safety, ensuring you get the best results without any hassles.

Why choose our electrical services?

Project Rewire is synonymous with electrical excellence throughout the greater Glasgow, Renfrewshire, and Ayrshire areas.

Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive experience, makes us the preferred choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade their lighting, both inside and outside their property.

We take safety extremely seriously. We are a NAPIT approved contractor, meaning we adhere to the highest industry standards. Our engineers are fully trained in the latest regulations, ensuring every installation is safe, secure, and up to code.

Start your lighting transformation today with Project Rewire

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Whether you have a clear vision or need some guidance, Project Rewire is here to assist. We will work with you to enhance your home’s lighting, both inside and out.

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Lighting Questions & Answers

What is LED lighting?

LED stands for light emitting diode, a semiconductor device that produces light when an electrical current passes through it. LED bulbs are generally more energy efficient and last longer than standard bulbs, meaning you can save money on your energy bills.

What lights are best for kitchens?

LEDs are one of the best options for kitchen lighting. They are 80% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs and have cooler running temperatures. At Project Rewire, we use LEDs to elevate the look of your kitchen through modern lighting in particular places such as under units or above counters.

How much should I budget for lighting?

Lighting costs will vary based on your needs and preferences. Generally, our lighting services range from as low as £30 - £200. We will be happy to advise you on the best lighting options to suit your budget.

Do I need rewiring for outdoor lighting?

It isn’t required to rewire your property to install outdoor lighting. However, in case you experience flickering lights, tripping breakers, or damaged sockets, contact a rewiring specialist like Project Rewire immediately.

Can I use LED lights outside?

LED Lights are quite durable. They are usually free-standing and easier to install compared to traditional lighting. As long as it is housed properly and has the right sealing, LED lights are safe to use outdoors.

What if the lights I had installed aren’t working?

In the rare occurrence the lights we installed aren’t working, we will be on hand to help. Our 10-year guarantee ensures that we will come out to your property and fix any rewiring issues you may have for free!

What is an IP Rating? What does it mean?

The Ingress Protection or IP rating is an important factor to consider when choosing LED lighting products for any project. It measures how well protected a lighting is to specific environmental conditions in indoor and outdoor installations.
The IP rating number has two digits. The first digit represents how well it keeps out solid objects such as dust, dirt, or flies while the second digit indicates its protection against moisture like rain or water sprays.


Got any questions?

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